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The voice season 4 episode 22 online dating

It’s your standard charter bus—blue carpeted seats, little lights and ac vents up top—Wi-Fi that works most of the time. The mentors rather adorably call themselves “conductors,” though they aren’t the ones driving the bus. This voice welcoming everyone aboard is Madelena Mak.

There’s no money, there’s no investment guarantee at the end, there’s no contract. So I decided to get on the bus here in New York and ride it to New Orleans with 22 of these strangers, to see, like, what is the thing that’s pulling them to this bus. ERIC: This is Madelena again, conductor, motivator-in-chief. It’s sort of the hot thing in the tech world right now. My idea is basically, also, because I see a lot of blockchain enthusiasts around here, revolves around blockchain… I’m here from Cleveland, Ohio, the mistake on the lake. ERIC: And the people on the team feel the same way. Coming up: one team gets some harsh feedback on their idea, and they do not handle it well. Colleen Lavin and team Daisy, the funeral app, are setting priorities for the rest of the day. Alex Romero, the developer who had the original idea, has already pulled together a logo. Anne-Gail is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke, and a member of Denari, the blockchain team. I know you like wanted to talk to us before we got into all this. I don’t disagree that your initial idea could be an alternative, but look, I think one thing has been made very clear here. Should we do an exercise for 15 minutes and see if we can come up with something else and pivot to just a completely different thing. And so I wondered: Why did this mild-mannered guy from Ohio get himself into this situation? ADAM: My background is, I mean, in my own opinion, pretty boring. ERIC: After about a year of this work, Adam started reading more about blockchain. Part of it was the idea behind blockchain, that it’s transparent and managed by users, rather than some central entity. They’ve got an idea: They’re going to build the Go Fund Me of bitcoin—a website where you can donate bitcoin for good causes anywhere in the world. (MUSIC: “Roll Bus Roll” by Jeffrey Lewis) ERIC: Tomorrow on Startup Bus, a team struggles with whether or not to ask a member to leave. Walmart, Nestle, Unilever—they’re all testing it out. And from the outset, they look like the team to beat. UNIDENTIFIED BUS RIDER: And I feel like they have all the components that they need, really. These are the companies the New York Startup Bus is bringing to New Orleans, assuming they get off the ground. We wind our way down I-95, out of New Jersey, past Philadelphia. The teams are starting to iron out the details of what they want to make. ERIC: Directly across the aisle, team Phishly is jumping right into the design stage. ERIC: I head to the front of the bus and sit down next to Anne-Gail Moreland. When Denari was arguing, Adam kept pretty quiet, to himself. So that really like pushed me to understand how to, you know, think about software projects from the ground up very quickly. (MUSIC: “Under Your Skin (Instrumental)” by Danielle Grubb) ERIC: Back on the bus, it’s about 5pm and Denari has made some progress. Two days until the teams square off in New Orleans, and there’s still a lot to build. But there is a lot of drama in store tomorrow, I promise. This episode was produced by Bruce Wallace, Luke Malone, Simone Polanen, Amy Standen and Max Gibson. Basically, it’s a database system that allows people to track information more transparently. So you can use it for things like new kinds of money, or a voting system, or to track food distribution. COLLEEN LAVIN: D-A-I-S-Y ERIC: There’s the phishing software to prevent future John Podestas. There’s an app to help tabletop gamers meetup, called IMGame. There are six members, including Adam from Cleveland. Denari has a lot of talented people working on a big complicated idea. The idea is, are you going to join the winning team or just like gonna form another one to compete with. ANNE-GAIL: Oh, we can at least build a hell of a concept in three days. (MUSIC: “ACT I: Skeleton Jack (Instrumental)” by The Weather Machine) ERIC: Denari, Phishly, IMGame and Daisy. Remember, Adam was nervous about even coming on the bus. And while I knew he was invested in blockchain, he didn’t seem that invested in the competition. Yeah, the golf caddy industry is extremely inefficient basically like it’s a bunch of caddies sitting around and not working. And it makes me wonder if this whole thing is even about the companies, or if there’s something else going on altogether. It’s been 13 hours and everyone already seems exhausted. But mostly they’re planning to work well into the night. (MUSIC: Show Biz (Instrumental) by Dream Junkies) ERIC: Blockchain is the technology bitcoin is built on. ERIC: Watching Denari argue about their ideas, my attention kept coming back to Adam, the dad. I guess I didn’t anticipate a charter bus being the key to unlocking that. ERIC: We pull into a Holiday Inn in downtown Raleigh. At six-feet-tall with long pink hair and big, black-rimmed glasses, she’s a presence.

Madelena is one of the conductors and the main organizer of the trip. MADELENA: The number one rule on Startup Bus is there’s no number two on the bus.

It’s actually…actually I do have a little bit of a surprise for you. ERIC: So this whole thing sort of reminded me of a season of “Road Rules,” the old MTV show.

Your hand’s shaking a little bit from the adrenaline.

It’s very early, still dark out, and I was on my way to a competition.

I was in the backseat of an Uber heading through midtown Manhattan.

This is Start Up, the show about what it’s really like to start a business.