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Once intra-partition parallelism is enabled, the degree of parallelism, or number of pieces of the query that can execute in parallel, can be controlled using database configuration parameters.Intra-partition parallelism in DB2 UDB is enabled or disabled using the database manager configuration parameter INTRA_PARALLEL.

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Intra-partition parallelism can be used to take advantage of multiple processors of a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) server.Verify that you are running V6.1.5.10, 6.2.4, or 6.3.1 or later versions of the Tivoli Storage Manager server. Indicate whether you are running data deduplication. From a DB2 CLP window, run the following commands (for steps #3 thru #8) as the instance user while the Tivoli Storage Manager server is running: the reclaimable_space_enabled column will be zero for server V6.1 databases, even if the system was later upgraded to server V6.2 or later.Note that the mon_get_tablespace does not exist on V6.1 servers.Intra-query parallelism refers to the ability to break a single query into a number of pieces and replicate them at the same time using either intra-partition parallelism or inter-partition parallelism, or both.Intra-Partition Parallelism Intra-partition parallelism refers to the ability to break up a query into multiple parts within a single database partition and execute these parts at the same time.Pipeline parallelism is normally used when distinct operations on the data can be executed in parallel.

For example, a table is being scanned and the scan is immediately feeding into a sort operation that is executing in parallel to sort the data as it is being scanned.

The degree of parallelism can be set to a specific value or to ANY.

If the degree of parallelism is set to ANY, the optimizer will determine the degree of parallelism for each individual SQL query that is submitted, based on the query itself and the number of CPUs available to the database or database partition.

Entering general information into an electronically-opened PMR (ESR)eliminates waiting on the phone to provide general information to Level 1 support.

– where begind and begint are the beginning date and time for the actlog entries being collected – where endd and endt are the ending date and time for the actlog entries being collected – the actlog gather should cover the full time frame of the issue/problem/scenario being diagnosed Explicitly using the above commands will redirect the output to files called and in the Tivoli Storage Manager servers working directory.

Table 2.2 gives an overview of the parameters and options that are related to intra-partition parallelism in DB2 UDB.