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Speed dating business format

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If they meet a key contact for future business, it will be by chance, not design.A second problem with this type of networking is that it depends on the personal ability of the individual to reach out and meet new people.

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Each person needs to talk or present for at least five minutes, which equals 250 minutes.Add in some breaks and this would take up five hours of the conference!Just think how much time it would take to connect 100 people to each other, or 1,000.However, this is a rare thing because most are going to stay in their comfort zone and just speak with people they know.They are not really networking, they are mingling with friends and colleagues they already work with.Business speed dating Some event organizers have tried to solve these problems by introducing business speed dating to the event.

The main problem with this is that delegates waste a lot of time with people who are just not relevant for them or their business.

If they are outgoing, they come to an event with stacks of business cards and within an hour will have handed most of them out.

But introverts are more likely to stand at the back of the room and wait for someone to approach.

We used to think that people just came to conferences to listen and learn, not network, and so we didn’t give it a lot of thought beyond the usual coffee breaks and receptions.

Now we know that this isn’t true, that participants want to network and socialize in order to create business connections with others.

This amount of talking is just not feasible, and even if it were, I doubt attendees who experienced it would ever choose attend a future event like that.