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Sex lies and internet dating

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When he reported back that he had just hooked Boothby, Ron ordered him to get to know him better. So it was that the politician and the gangster became friends.

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By early summer 1964, the Yard was on the point of launching a major offensive against the twins.The humiliation still rankled and now, madder than ever on a cocktail of alcohol and anti-psychotic tranquillisers, he would have his revenge.The Blind Beggar was all but empty when Ron arrived, preceded by a henchman firing warning shots into the ceiling.By rights, they should have been locked up years earlier for extortion and all their other violent gangster activities.What kept them out of a jail and free to murder was protection they received from a political establishment terrified by what the Krays had on some of its most prominent figures.But now that line had been crossed, and a spree of fatalities followed before the twins were brought to justice.

But the fact is that the Krays should never have been at liberty to carry out these killings.

For his part, Boothby was on dangerous ground, and not just by playing masochistic sex games in the company of the seriously scary Ronnie Kray. As an instantly recognisable public figure, he must have known that his blatant presence in the company of criminals would be noticed.

But Boothby was so conceited that he thought no one in authority would dare to do anything about it.

Behind the famous bow-tied public figure with his unmistakeable deep voice and a fund of good stories was a drunk, a liar, a reckless gambler and a bisexual.

He had a long affair with Lady Dorothy, the heavily-set wife of Conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan. 'She had thighs like hams and hands like a stevedore.

His emergence as a radio and TV personality was a late-life boost to his ego.