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[email protected] of Redlands: University of San Diego: Rowan Rose, [email protected] of San Francisco: Rosa Pynes, [email protected] of Southern California: Elizabeth Adabale, [email protected] College: Sydney Bay, Sydney.

Thanks to basketball and finding a niche, Anthony was able to get a college degree from Michigan State [email protected] State University: Walker Donaldson, [email protected] of Colorado at Boulder: Sydney Bay, [email protected] of Denver: Walker Donaldson, [email protected] and Clark College: Jordan Hoefer, Jordan. [email protected] of Oregon: Lauren A Williams, [email protected] of Portland: Rosa Pynes, [email protected] University: Jordan Hoefer, [email protected] State University - Northridge: Alexis Chamberlin, [email protected] University: Kristy Jones, Kristy. [email protected] Mc Kenna College: Katelyn Stukenberg, [email protected] Mudd College: Katelyn Stukenberg, [email protected] Marymount University: Katelyn Stukenberg, [email protected] College: Rosa Pynes, [email protected]​Pitzer College: Katelyn Stukenberg, [email protected] College: Katelyn Stukenberg, [email protected] Mary's College of California: Rosa Pynes, [email protected] Diego State University: Santa Clara University: Lauren A Williams, [email protected] of California, Davis: University of California, Irvine: Rowan Rose, Rowan.

[email protected] of California, Los Angeles: Selina Duran, [email protected] of California, Riverside: Kristy Jones, [email protected] of California, San Diego: University of California, Santa Barbara: Stephanie Kuo, [email protected] of California, Santa Cruz: Alexis Chamberlin, Alexis.

Anthony also learned how to make friends and learn how to communicate with others through basketball.

Anthony says, “Throughout my life, I had difficulties in school because of the way I struggled with words, nouns, verbs, idioms, and even sarcasm.

[email protected] of Washington - Seattle: Kathryn Solzberg, [email protected] State University: Jordan Hoefer, Jordan.

[email protected] Washington University: Jordan Hoefer, Jordan. [email protected] College: Lauren A Williams, [email protected]​Whitworth University: Rosa Pynes, [email protected] University: Lauren Billy, Lauren.

You can also learn more about ongoing opportunities in your community and begin making your impact today. Learn more about joining Teach For America with prior work experience. [email protected] Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo: Alexis Chamberlin, Alexis.