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What to expect: High production values, a director who assimilates new genres very well and a game cast give The King a lot of potential.The trailer clearly gives off a Wolf of Wall Street vibe and word on the street was the script was very well received by those in the industry. Glass Garden 유리정원 Dir: Shin Su-won (Madonna, 2015) Cast: Moon Geun-young (Love Me Not, 2006), Kim Tae-hoon (Ethics of Anger, 2014), Seo Tae-hwa (Norigae, 2013) Production: June Film Distribution: Little Big Pictures Filming Dates: 2016-05-27 ~ 2016-07-24 Status: Completed Genre: Mystery, Drama Plot: A brilliant artificial blood researcher retreats from the world into her special green house.

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Plot: Chun Jaeyoung and Chun Yusun visit an unusual drama company, which produces the customized play for each client.He visits Australia, where his wife lives with their son.What to expect: The second Korean film by Warner Bros after The Age of Shadows this is the debut of Lee Joo-young. Namhansanseong Fortress 남한산성 Dir: Hwang Dong-hyeok (Silenced, 2011) Cast: Lee Byung-hun (Inside Men, 2015), Kim Yun-seok (The Chaser, 2008), Park Hae-il (War of the Arrows, 2011), Go Soo (The Front Line, 2011), Park Hee-soon (The Suspect, 2013) Production: Distribution: CJ Entertainment Filming Dates: 2016-11-21 ~ Status: Filming Genre: Period, Action Plot: It’s 1636, and the Qing dynasty has attacked the Joseon Kingdom.And the more local films with female leads the better, and Yum Jung-ah is someone who deserves more big roles. Silence 침묵 Dir: Jung Ji-woo (Eungyo, 2012) Cast: Choi Min-sil (Oldboy, 2003), Park Shin-hye (Miracle in Cell No.7, 2013), Ryu Jun-yeol (Socialphobia, 2014) Production: Yong Film Distribution: CJ Entertainment Filming Dates: 2016-10-17 ~ Status: Filming Genre: Crime, Thriller Plot: After a financial tycoon’s fiancee is murdered, his daughter becomes the prime suspect when the case goes to trial What to expect: A remake of the fast-paced Chinese courtroom thriller Silent Witness, this is Jung Ji-woo’s first big release since the Colonial Era misfire Modern Boy (2008) but a much safer bet.400 Koreans attempt to escape, including a musician trying to protect his daughter, a street brawler and a Korean independence fighter.

What to expect: Action maestro Ryoo has gone from strength over the years, constantly upping his production sizes while keeping his eye on the prize.

I imagine this will fall somewhere in the middle of the mawkish sensationalism of May 18 (2007) and the poignancy of A Petal (1996). This may well be Showbox’s flagship release of the summer. A Single Rider 싱글 라이더 Dir: Lee Joo-young (1st film) Cast: Lee Byung-hun (Inside Men, 2015), Gong Hyo-jin (Crush and Blush, 2008), Ahn So-hee (Train to Busan, 2016) Production: Perfect Storm Films Distribution: Warner Bros.

Filming Dates: 2016-03-21 ~ 2016-05-07 Status: Completed Genre: Drama Plot: A man involved in a major scandal in Korea suddenly disappears.

With a great combination of stars and that backing, surely Lee Joo-young must have provided a very interesting script. Not long now, film comes out on February 22nd and it may bow very soon at festivals. The Mayor 특별시민 Dir: Park In-jae (Moby Dick, 2010) Cast: Choi Min-sik (Oldboy, 2003), Shim Eun-kyoung (Miss Granny, 2014), Kwak Do-won (The Wailing, 2016) Production: Palette Pictures Distribution: Showbox Filming Dates: 2016-04-28 ~ 2016-08-16 Status: Completed Genre: Drama Plot: The mayor of Seoul runs for office for a third term. The King Injo and his retainers hide out in the the mountain fortress city Namhansanseong.

What to expect: Choi Min-sik as the mayor of Seoul is running enough to be curious but I’m keen on the most of the cast and enjoyed director Park’s debut Moby Dick more than most. One of his men insists they enter into negotiations with their attackers while the other urges him to attack.

What to expect: Beautiful winter and war time period photography from Kim Ji-yong (The Age of Shadows) and a strong mix of leads. Chuseok at the earliest, but probably later, if not next year.