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Thus, they will catch different gases produced from your cigars' maturing, like ammonia.

To adapt this container to a temporary humidor, you have to put a wet sponge at the base of a smaller box which will be placed in the bigger one. The second way to store your cigars is to place them into an Igloodor or a Coolerdor which is simply a huge ice-box.You can settle a piece of oasis foam into a chamfer which is present at any cooler.The third and the last way of these series of homemade humidors is called Fridgeador. You just take a switched off fridge or a froster and deposit there a large amount of cigars.It is also possible to utilize a turned on freezer which has a lot of space and is free of other food (make sure to set the humidity to the highest level available).Here you can arrange your items where you want and how you like them to be.We already know that there are different ways of storing cigars, except humidors, such as igloodors, tupperdos and fridgedors.

Still these devices are not always ready at hand, that's why here we reveal one more secret about storage in homemade conditions.

After the pillow has soaked enough water, it is installed into a ziplock bag - to protect cigars from direct touch with the moisture. You can always try different periods of time saturating pillow.

The only thing to remember here is not to give the pillow too much water.

There is one more way to store your cigars without obtaining a humidor.

It may sound a little bit strange but the store where you bought your cigar can provide you with a kind of depot.

Its function is to be utilized with a zip bag carrying 5-10 cigars.