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Despite my strong instinct to put my hands over my eyes, he insists I look at the images and points out that what I thought was the problem - fat at the side of my thighs - is actually caused by fat at the back. It's hugely depressing, but the upside is that Dr Kingdon says he can do something about it.Because the fat is localised, and I'm not hugely overweight, he is confident he can make a real difference. Because I don't need a general anaesthetic or even heavy sedation, the procedure will be done at a specialist beauty clinic licensed for surgical procedures which are done under sterile conditions, not a hospital, and should take only a few hours. I'm asked to strip down to a paper G-string and put on a surgical gown. To start, Dr Kingdon gives me injections of local anaesthetic before making a tiny incision a couple of millimetres long and starts to pour a mixture of saline, anaesthetic and adrenaline into my lower body.

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I'm lying in a pool of cold saline and feel cold and exhausted. There is nearly one-and-a-half litres of pure, liquid, banana-yellow fat in two plastic bags - about the most that could be removed using this technique. All that fat weighs only around 2lb, and water is much heavier than fat, so the saline still in me will weigh Dr Kingdon's nurse then starts squeezing fluid out of my thighs from the tiny incision he has made.Only, as I've discovered, that doesn't have to be true.You can have thinner thighs and a smaller bottom without dieting or exercise - and without getting a haggard face. Liposculpture, a new, super-safe form of laser liposuction that can really change your body, almost instantly. I'm reasonably tall - 5ft 8in - and as a size 12, not fat, but I longed for thinner thighs and leaner hips.Then I stagger into a pair of dark coloured loose trousers - I can now see why they are specified - and drink hot sweet tea, which has a remarkably restorative effect. I am swelling up, and in my awful flesh-coloured elastic leggings and dressings I look as if I am wearing a Little Britain-style fatsuit.It seems so ironic that, after all I've gone through, I'm fatter than I was at the beginning.He was one of the first surgeons to introduce lipo to the UK.

Later, he ditched the general anaesthetic and introduced 'tumescent liposuction', in which a large volume of diluted anaesthetic plus adrenaline is injected into the fatty tissue so the fat can be removed painlessly.

Also, I've spent serious money on gym memberships and personal trainers over the years with remarkably little effect.

As I headed into my 40s, I realised the only way I could reshape my body was with lipo.

Without the risks of open wounds and general anaesthetic, the procedure became - so he claims - '100 per cent safe' and made even more effective by adding the power of lasers. Lasers ruptured fat cells and liquefied the fat which was then supposed to be gradually metabolised in the body. So instead of leaving the liquidised fat in the body, Dr Kingdon realised that it would be better to suck it all out.

The new technique is called Advanced Laser Lipolysis. Dr Kingdon does an extensive medical check, asks me dozens of health-related questions, and I have blood taken to ensure I'm healthy.

It's a shape that means pencil skirts are out of the question and one that made me feel lumpy in slinky dresses and carrot-legged in skinny jeans. Running is depressing, dangerous after dark and boring as hell.