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Makci bogil

all his miscontentment wes aganis his said bruther. And, quhen the said mr williame come vnto him, his servandis past betuix the said mr williame and the 5et, and thairby cutt him schorte of all meanis of retreate to the house.

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There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. At this tyme the king come to linlytgow, quhair he hapnit for the tyme to be at the ewinsong, verie sad and dolourous, makand his dewosioun to god to send him guid chance and fortun in his woyage. The gettis quhairof be- ing closed and locked, he chopped verie rudlie at 238 Register of the Privy Council. That sail thow heir and se.' • 5ea, Dame, haue nane dreid of my lyfe to day, Lat me wirk as I will, the weird is mine awin. the 5et, crying and schouting vnto the said patrik to come furth, that he micht have his hairt blood; hot, finding him self frustrat of his wicked purpois, he come bak immediatlie to the place of cornecarne, resolued to have had the said mr williames lyff, 5 avowing with mony horrible aithes that he sould neuir see geycht till he had the said mr williame and his brothers lyff, and that it sould coast him his lairdschip of geycht or he sould have thair lyveis, saying thay had bound him to the peace and 10 that he caird not for the peace ; he had doubled out his turne aganis the best in Scotland ; and that he sould go mad, lyke richie the foole, gif he wer not revengeit vpoun thame. [Of the Rolment of Courtis there are two MSS., both in the hand- writing of the author, (a) University of Edinburgh, Laing MSS., No. 15 I spak not out of ressoun, the suith gif I sail say. C Graith thocht of the grant had the gude King, And callit Schir Rolland him till and gaif cowzmandment, 5 Ane man he traistit in, maist atour all vther thing. It wer to lang to reherse and not verie 25 ne[cessar] for \& p[rese]nt, it being knawin to sa mony quhat diverft purposis wer tane, quhat dangearis eschapit all \t. at voyage, ontill the quene come to Aberdene agane, and how miraculous wes \& victorie : bot ane thing is not to be pretermittit, 30 that Jje said chamaeleon wes ane of J)e reddiest to gnaw Jpe bainis of Jje deed, to spoyle J? e nobilitie, practiz[it] \& mariage of Jie quene and Henry Lord Dernlie, of ]? Bot afore he tooke horsse he called the said patrik asyde vnto him, and in pres- ence of the minister of rothemay he begun to ques- tioun him anent the testament and latter will maid be the said laite lady, and quarrellit the said patrik 20 for suffering hir to mak ony testament, as gif it had lyne in his pouer to haue stayed hir, alledgeing that all that scho had wes his birth right, and that no vtheris had interesse thairto. e quhilk he maid neuir \& erll of Murray prevy, vntill all wes endit. And, the said patrik haueing verie modestlie and soberlie ans M^rit 25 him that it wes the ladyis will to mak a testament for the weele of hir oyis, and that he had no reasoun, nather lay it in his pouer, to stay and hinder hir, and that he wald quite his pairt of the said testa- ment for ane plak, so as he micht haue his releif 30 of twa thowsand merkis quhairin he stood ingadgeit as cautionair to him self for the said lady, he, not Gordon of Gicht. xx.] (a) ANE MERACKILL SEINE IN THE KIRK OF LINLYTGOW.

233 being content with this the said patrikis answer, burst furth in moist bitter and passionat speetcheis aganis him, protesting and avowing with mony hor- rible aithes that he sould stryk ane daigger to the 5 said patrikis hairt, and that he sould cleive him to the harne pan, vnles he causit the said testament ather to be nullit or reformit to his contentment.

And, at the said mr wil- liames first meeting with him, he persaueing the said patrik walking some space asyde with the minis- ter of rothemay, he brak at him in a grite raige lo and furie, and with verie grite difficultie wes he stayed be some personis present for the tyme.

And the said mr williame being informed that ^chir James skene of curriehill, ane of the nomber of the lordis of prevey counsaill, wes than newlie lichtit at the 15 kirk of rothemay, he past vnto him, acquentit the said Schir James with the lawles and insolent cariage of the said laird of geicht, and humelie desyrit him, as ane of his maiesteis preuey counsaill, to bind the said laird to the peace. And, efter the said Scfe V James his returning frome the north, the said laird of geicht being for^etfull of the promeis maid for keiping of the peace, he vpoun the threttene day of Maij last directit and send his awne wyff, his eldest sone, 25 Johnne Abirnethie, and Andro wood to the place of corncarne in commissioun to the saidis patrik and mr williame, that thay sould cans the said testament be reformed to his contentment, or ellis it sould be the darrest testament that euir wes maid 30 in the north.

All student borrow- ers are limited to two weeks, with renewal privileges, when the book is not needed by- others. The former has been taken as the basis of the Scottish Text Society's edition (1899). The King heirand of his inprosperus journay, seand that france wald get no support of him for the tyme.

Books not needed during recess periods should be returned to *he library, or arrange- ments made for their return during borrow- er's absence, if wanted. The Halkshill MS., from which the following passages are printed, is more complete, and is certainly not much, if at all, later than the Laing MS. Maid ane proclamatioun hestelie thruche all Jie 15 Realme of Scotland, bayi At east, west, south, and north, als weill in the out yles as in the iirm land, That all maner of man betwix saxtie and sexteine suld be reddie within twentie dayis to pas wii At him quhair he pleisit [wi^/jt] xl dayes wictuall, and so to 20 meit at the borrow muire of Edinbur^At, and thair to pas fordward wiif/it the King.

And the said George, his sone, presentit ane bend Foi. pistollet to the said patrik, of purpois and inten- 10 tioun to have schote and slane him thairwith.