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Your group will be able to seamlessly share requirements with others in your created group and our software can even act as an Applicant Tracking System in the process (optional). Fee Trader is an awesome site that will give you access to job openings that need to be staffed, split-fee or regular fee, depending on how it is posted. Fee Trader put me directly in contact with an employer seeking a candidate I already had!

Such agreements may be legal unless it can be shown that the “finder” never had the intention or the ability to provide financing for the victims.We are so happy that we made the right choice in staying.I will gladly serve as a reference if your prospects would like to contact me. I'm an old school recruiter - in the trenches since 1988 - who is far more impressed with the impact and value of the telephone than the computer.Consequently, I signed up for Fee Trader's service with a fair amount of skepticism.This is particularly true because I had had a displeasing experience with Career Builder, a big, well-known name in the job board business.My old company used Fee Trader, which is, IMO, the BEST split platform.

I am an affiliate since I love them, but I strongly urge you try them out, as it is VERY inexpensive and they don't take a cut of the action and I LOVE IT!

Without, I would not have been able to make the connections I needed in such a short amount of time. Since I have begun utilizing the services of Fee Trader I have effectively increased my revenue stream by 50%! I only started working from the site about a month ago and in that time, I've been invited to bid on 2 company direct jobs and actually won one of them.

The networking connections I have made as a result of your service have been even more invaluable!! It's been a seamless process for finding good job orders to work on and the job order recruiters exercise a high level of professionalism when it comes to following-up on your candidates.

Unlike other split-fee networks, Fee Trader does not charge brokerage fees.

As a result, it's only optional to manage the relationships and activity through our site.

Our platform was created for you to build partnerships and revenues by tapping into a network of jobs and candidates that you may never have had access to otherwise..split-fees are better than no fees!