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Facetime naked girls

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Kyle received a text from Gray telling him to come too. When she hugged me, I could see the girls watching. She took Kyle's hand kissed him on the cheek and said, "Your wife and daughters are very beautiful." Then she looked at them again, "Actually, the 3 of them together are pretty sexy.

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Also, there was something very wrong about talking about them this way that was turning me on. She had the front zipper undone to an inch below her tits. It had a matching bustier that also had a zippers down the back and front. So I’m sitting at my computer spending time on Facebook and such, and I hear an electronic device ‘ringing’. ” I shout in horror as she tosses the Ipad unto the bed like a hot potato and I dive for the light switch in a desperate effort to protect whoever was on the other end of the camera. It wasn’t my cell phone, so I figured my wife changed her ringtone and it was hers. The room dark, my wife on the floor beside the bed (naked), the Ipad on the bed face up, and me standing there in absolute bewildered horror as I slowly creep up to the thing as if it were some Ouijai board that moved on it’s own, we hear: “Hello? Amber, Gray's wife, called and asked if I wanted to come over Friday night and help set up. She was being sweet, but like there was a secret behind it. I had figured if I'd gone over alone Gray would use me. I was tempted to tell my girls I didn't need their help, but they'd already said they wanted to come. I could see that nervous excitement on Kyle's face. "I can see that nervous smile on my little cucky's face," I teased him. Cammy grabbed some coffee and sat down for breakfast.

I accepted the offer and said we'd be there after dinner. I couldn't think of a reasonable story to make them stay home and admittedly really didn't want to. "What kind of naughty things are going through your head?

The only reason he even pays attention to us is you. They obviously liked his attention even though it was not sexual. The only reason he was interested in them is because of what they meant to me.

Cammy pouted, "I think I've met Gray enough to know that he's seen plenty of girls in bikinis and one more isn't going to mean a whole lot. I was generally very protective of them, but the other day Cammy's ass was on total display to Gray and I did not step in to help.

For those of you who don’t know what Face Time is, follow this link.

Saturday the girls were having Cam's party at Gray's. "We'll all come over and help." "Hmmmm," she replied. Bring your suits in case you want to swim or hot tub when you're done." Her tone was weird.

When we got upstairs to Gray's room the door was partly open.