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Sincerely, Robert Kent Co-chair, The Friends of Cuban Libraries Halloween is gonna be especially scary around my neighborhood this year.

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This dereliction of duty continues due to ongoing inattention on the part of the well-meaning but complacent majority on the ALA's governing Council, which declines to examine the distorted investigative reports on Cuba issued by extremist-dominated ALA committees upon which ALA policy is based.Sincerely, Robert Kent Co-chair, The Friends of Cuban Libraries ( -------------------------------------------------------- Saving a life: Open letter to ALA president NEW YORK, Oct. Gorman: October 20, 2005 On October 3 I made a telephone call to your office to request support for saving the life of an imprisoned Cuban librarian, Victor Rolando Arroyo, who was near death as a result of a prolonged hunger strike.The receptionist who answered the telephone was informed of the emergency nature of the call, and she tried without success to put the call through.Victor Rolando Arroyo, along with other independent Cuban librarians, is now serving a 20-year jail term and has been named a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.In a pattern which is now familiar, the ALA has refused to protest, or even acknowledge the existence of, the Castro regime's ongoing persecution of Cuban citizens for the alleged crime of founding a network of uncensored libraries to challenge government control of information.I hope you will generously address this issue on your blogs.

Please ask your readers to approach Michael Gorman at the CLA conference and politely ask him why he has not responded to appeals to save the life of Victor Rolando Arroyo.

My house has been without power for one week as of this morning at AM.

I cannot describe the frustration that one feels when your neighbors across the street have power -- and you don't. " (H/T Joel) I just received the following from Robert Kent, Co-chair of the Friends of Cuban Libraries.

Fortunately, thanks to appeals issued by respected human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders, the Cuban government finally took measures to save the life of Victor Rolando Arroyo.

We in the Friends of Cuban Libraries would appreciate learning why, as president of the American Library Association, you have not responded to appeals to help save the life of Victor Rolando Arroyo, and why the ALA continues to ignore the Cuban government's bookburning and persecution of librarians.

It is not known how many events Gorman will be attending (please consult the CLA conference website), but he will definitely be speaking on Sunday, Nov. M., at the CLA's Annual Coulter Lecture and Luncheon.