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)—it can alternate as a nifty ego-boosting i Phone game that reminds you that strangers on the Internet find you attractive. Some might classify Tinder as an “online dating” app, but that label might give you the wrong idea of how it actually functions.

Let’s meet and mingle on Facebook: Jerusha Stewart.We at Isbel were asked by one of our women for pointers on how to dive into this new mobile sweet treat, so here’s our two cents.The answer to that depends on who you ask, but you’ll get some common responses. Even though it has a reputation as a hook-up app, Tinder has also had some dating successes—a surprising number of Tinder-made couples exist given the app’s short lifespan.It’s sad, unfortunate and unfair, but we still live in a world where sexual assault and gender violence are rampant—so even though we shouldn’t have to, it really doesn’t hurt to follow the edict of “better safe than sorry.” Before meeting up with someone you’re chatting with, you can ask for their last name—or they might simply offer it—so you can look them up on Facebook or do a quick Google search just to get a better idea of who you’re talking to.If you decide to go for it and arrange some casual sexytime with your new pal, send the guy’s phone number and the address where you’re meeting him to a friend so they know where you are and how to get in contact with you.If you want to avoid any awkwardness, best to steer clear of anyone you know and stick with new faces. This format encourages straight-up, just-ask-for-what-you-want behavior—and that’s nice, for a change!

As a part of New Zealand Music Month in May, beer company Beck’s released an innovative new poster idea with the public on the streets of New Zealand.

If you’re in an area where you know a lot of people—like your hometown or a college campus—you’re inevitably going to see people that you know on Tinder.

There’s no standard way to handle this, but keep in mind that if you swipe right for a cute co-worker or an old friend, you’d better be ready for that chat window to appear if it’s a match. There are going to be some matches where you’re immediately greeted with a crude message from an over-eager fan of your photos, and while that can be amusing, it more often just feels gross. That said, if you’ve been chatting with someone for a while and you’re getting comfortable with each other, we say—go for bold.

His perfect day includes a sofa, our favorite novels, and me. And although as we age those dating invitations may seem to be as rare as finding the perfect swimsuit.

And he knows that life is only getting better and he’s ready for his second act. I’m still pinning my heart to my chest for all to see and seeking over 40 dating deliciousness.

Simove had the idea for the app after he used Tinder: because of the large number of users on such services, it is difficult to stand out. “I’ve anticipated the scarcity of potential matches will create increased demand, and with that more chance of dating successes,” the man says.