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British director Helen Crosse (left) has been writing about the storm's arrival and recorded several videos showing the 'pretty crazy' wind battering her hotel. Pictured right: Helen with her husband Mike She said guests at the hotel were forced to stay inside from 5pm local time yesterday, In one of the last videos she uploaded, she explains that the wind is 'becoming more severe by the minute', and in her last video she said 'we're not even close to the worst bit yet - which is a bit scary'.The powerful storm - now relegated to a category 4 but still extremely dangerous - made landfall in the British islands on Thursday evening with winds as high as 175 miles per hour, and isn't expected to slow down through this morning. National Hurricane Center said Irma's maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 155 mph while some fluctuations in strength are likely over the next day or two - but it is expected to stay a category 4 storm.

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In its wake comes Hurricane Jose - a category 3 hurricane expected to batter some of the eastern Caribbean islands before heading north A map from Thursday night shows the projections of both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose.Right: Another woman was searching for her parents, Jeff and Jinx Morgan, who live in Brewers Bay on Tortola The hurricane is currently menacing Cuba and the Bahamas as it drives towards Florida after having battered Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, St Martin, Barbuda and other islands in the area with devastatingly high winds, leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake.But while families search for their loved ones, another storm - category 3 Hurricane Jose - is currently to the east of the islands and causing panic among those who remain.Downing Street said it was waiting for 'a full picture of intelligence to come through' of the Caribbean, adding: 'Three flights departed this morning carrying marines and engineers as part of the Mo D task force.A spokeswoman said: 'Tomorrow, another C17 will leave carrying two Puma helicopters.The aid heading for HMS Ocean includes 10,000 buckets and 5,000 solar lanterns, the spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile another resident on the British Virgin Islands has explained how his home has been absolutely destroyed - and with it most of his possessions.

But with communications severely hampered, worried residents on the islands have taken to social media to appeal for information about family and friends.

In one post, Nadya Reinhard Pretorius makes an impassioned appeal for word of her brother, sister-in-law and their two children.

Right: Melinda Scholz and Art Shemwell are also missing, causing friends to be 'sick with worry' as they search for them Left: Jenny Wilkinson from the Philippines has not been seen since the storm. Right: Patrick Francis was searching for his father, Patrick Francis Sr, who is on Tortola.

He expressed his deepest sympathies and prayers to to everyone on the islands Left: Vladimir and Natalie Boshoff - alongside their two children Alissa and Sash - had not been heard from since hurricane struck, with relatives making desperate appeals.

'Water production goes down, of course, with the electricity.