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Dating an intense personality

Moreover, borderlines feel as though they cannot control these reactions.However -- and here's an important point -- for the non-borderline, the to the abuse are the same.

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She has become so beaten down emotionally that she blames for the abuse.Thank goodness, now I am free of the emotional pain and abuse I have been through. Yes, it was a painful decision but I know it will go away with time. Although the book is directed at women, it applies equally to both sexes.The emotional abuse I've been taking would have been for ever. Read the following excerpt from the book The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself. Keep in mind that this book was written for women who are victims of domestic abuse, not for people in BPD situations.When you allow someone else to dominate you, you can lose respect for yourself.VERBAL ASSAULTS: berating, belittling, criticizing, name calling, screaming, threatening, excessive blaming, and using sarcasm and humiliation.Her self-esteem is so low that she clings to the abuser.

Emotional abuse victims can become so convinced that they are worthless that they believe that no one else could want them.

They stay in abusive situations because they believe they have nowhere else to go. Following are types of emotional abuse: DOMINATION: Someone wants to control your every action.

They have to have their own way, and will resort to threats to get it.

Many non-borderlines are verbally or emotionally abused by the person who has BPD. Although borderlines may act emotionally (and even physically) abusive, it's crucial to understand that they are usually trying to harm you.

Many (but not all) people who have BPD were also verbally abused at some time in their lives. Rather, they are acting out of intense pain, fear, and shame using primitive defenses they may have learned long ago.

Emotional abuse is any behavior that is designed to control another person through the use of fear, humiliation, and verbal or physical assaults.