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C errorprovider validating

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In this case, we simply clear any error messages in the error provider.

Unfortunately this method has a couple of drawbacks.Let’s assume when we click our save button that we wish to validate the controls and display an icon if there is a problem.First, add the following code to the Form’s constructor after the Initialize Component method: This is a handy trick to prevent implicit validation of our controls when they lose focus.By binding Rad Data Layout to object from this type we will generate several items: _ Public Property Last Name() As String Get Return m_Last Name End Get Set(value As String) m_Last Name = value End Set End Property Private m_Last Name As String Public Property Occupation() As String Get Return m_Occupation End Get Set(value As String) m_Occupation = value End Set End Property Private m_Occupation As String Public Property Salary() As Integer Get Return m_Salary End Get Set(value As Integer) m_Salary = value End Set End Property Private m_Salary As Integer Public Property Starting Date() As Date Time Get Return m_Starting Date End Get Set(value As Date Time) m_Starting Date = value End Set End Property Private m_Starting Date As Date Time Public Property Is Married() As Boolean Get Return m_Is Married End Get Set(value As Boolean) m_Is Married = value End Set End Property Private m_Is Married As Boolean End Class Private Sub rad Data Layout1_Item Validated(sender As Object, e As Telerik. Set Error(Try Cast(sender, Control), "First Name should be between 2 and 15 chars long.") If Not Me. First it traps the user in the field until the value is valid.

If the user doesn’t know a valid value yet, this prevents the user from filling in other fields first and that can be frustrating.

Dot Net Bar Super Validator is the component set that helps you implement validation of user input in your Win Forms applications without writing any code for most common validation scenarios.

Here is screen-shot that shows simple validation performed on the form using Super Validator and Highlighter controls included with Dot Net Bar: Super Validator can work with any of these components set or without any of them at all if you are planning to report validation results some other way.

Very experienced users also often type “heads down” without looking at the form.

In that case the user may not notice the error until later and may continue entering more values in the invalid field.

Rad Data Layout provides three different ways to show to the users that some editors do not match the validation criteria – .