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The arrival of rock'n'roll brought a major change to the social art of dancing.

You should shift your weight from your right leg to your left as you twist.The original version was the 'B' side to 'Teardrops On Your Letter'.American DJ Dick Clark failed to talk Hank Ballard into performing the song on 'American Bandstand' so he persuaded his local Philadelphia record label, Cameo Parkway, to launch their own version of the song.Resident dancers on the show were Theresa Confrey and Patrick Kerr who both invented and demonstrated new dances alongside 'members of the public' (chosen specially during their visits to the 'Sabre' club).One of the main factors in the instant popularity of the Twist was that it was so easy to do.The Cavern Club in Liverpool had its own special dance almost forced upon it.

Called 'The Cavern Stomp', it consisted of holding hands with the person nearest you and jerking backwards and forwards in an effort to avoid falling over.

Step 4: As you twist, lean your body forward towards the front leg and then bend backwards shifting your weight on the back leg, as you continue to twist.

Step 5: Squat to the dance floor as you twist and move back up.

For the recording session they used an unknown chicken plucker called Earnest Evans who was also an amateur song style impersonator.

Before release, Dick Clark's wife suggested that Earnest adopt a stage name, maybe something like 'Fats Domino', so they substituted 'Chubby' for 'Fats', 'Checker' for 'Domino' and the rest, as they say, is history!

This was just about all that was possible due to the overcrowded nature of the venue!