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Amish camp for adults

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Our Amish neighbors are real people going about their daily lives.

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The experience of farm life is appropriate in these complex times and serves to link wilderness with civilization.For the child it points to "where things come from" and fosters a respect for nature, observational skills, foresight, a sense of responsibility, patience, and a deeper understanding of one's place among people. "...relives the cultural history of man who passed from the natural state to the civilized state through agriculture.When he discovered the secret of intensifying the production of the soil, he obtained the reward of civilization.We are a small rural campground where our guests find their recreation in shopping, sightseeing or just waiting for the cows to come home.This is the place to relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the views. Our neighbors are Amish and Mennonite farmers, craftsmen and business owners.Kitchen Kettle Village of Intercourse is only 3/4 mile away from our campground.

*Please note that we do not offer any recreation, just a quiet, relaxed place to camp in a friendly farming village with great shopping and wholesome food.

Livestock include rabbits, pigs, dairy goats, sheep, dogs, cats, ferrets, peafowl, guinea fowl, free-range layer hens and bantams.

Other activities include the garden and orchard, food preparation, farm repairs and improvements.

Pleasant drives along local picturesque rural roads will bring you to places like Bird-in-Hand, Strasburg, and Paradise.

You will find the Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre, the Strasburg Rail Road, farmers’ markets, theatres, restaurants, museums, wineries, and tours.

Located on forty-two acres of hills and valleys adjacent to Troyer's Hollow on the Doughty Creek, the farm is comprised of hayfields, sheep pastures, and homestead with house, workshop,orchard, vineyard and organic gardens growing annual and perennial herbs and vegetables.