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Adrianna dorame dating websites

Popular You Tube personality who has been a part of collaborative channels such as My Digital Escape and Our World Away.Her self-titled You Tube channel, which largely features vlogs, has more than 480,000 subscribers.

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Alex Dorame is an up-coming ‘You Tube’ star who has gained much hype and attention for her hair color and challenge video uploads.Go on and delve into the amazingness Alex Dorame brings to the plate!Since a very young age, Alex Dorame had been fascinated with eccentric hair colors and the emo lifestyle.She started her You Tube career by publishing videos on her self-titled channel in August of 2014.My new extensions got here today finally no more short hairs ;~; I can finish up dying them tomorrow!Though her channel mostly revolves around hair dye and makeover tutorials, Dorame’s list of amazing talents does not confine to just that.

You will stand amazed at the incredible video content creativity Alex is blessed with!

But ever since the channel’s split, Alex has been concentrating on growing as an individual You Tuber, and it’s safe to say that her channel is seeing some serious heights!

Few videos into her channel and you will learn just how raw and authentic Miss Dorame is.

She began her You Tube career by publishing videos to her self-titled channel in August of 2014. She has a sister and she featured her mom in a Whisper Challenge video in 2015.

She accumulated more than 25,000 subscribers in just 3 months. She began dating fellow My Digital Escape partner Johnnie Guilbert.

Few months later, Alex’s video content got from generic to more specific with video uploads like ‘How to dye emo scene hair’, ‘Boyfriend dyes my hair’, and ‘Get ready with me, Blue hair edition’.