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14 and 24 year old dating

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Paedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children. Do both him and yourself a favor, wait till you're 18, if he's still interested then, then you probably have something good going, if not, well then I probably just saved you from a messy relationship with an even messier yeah like you may feel like he loves you but its all lies I know you wanna believe him but dont fall for it really id look at it like he's insulting your inteligence because guys like him pull scams like that all the time on young females and see it as he thinks your young and gulable but dont fall for it like that shit wrong he's almost 30 he probabley cant get no twatt and besides your young use that as an opportunity to live life and yeah you may feel loney at time but its not gonna be like that always you dont need a man to feel good bout yourself so I say forget him! I don't care how much you think you love him, I really hope the punk gets cought messing around with you. Furthermore, if anyone found out, even if he never laid a hand on you, he could go to jail. And if you or him know any thing about prison, the prisoners would love to get their hands on him.

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well I just think people that really can answer this question have experienced a similar situation like this, before they can really think about it. I mean yea I might know what it feels like to be in her situation or I might not. Just imagine if someone took you away from your loved one just because they wanted to. You don't know what true love is yet, and there's a good chance that he just wants you for sex, for the thrill of dating a 14 year old, to get off to the thought of the situation, for your body, he might even be plotting to abduct and rape you. Maybe the older one is reasonable and understands that he/she has to wait and see if the relationship fats going. I think 15 years is the maximal age gap a couple should have but I really don't judge :3 (actually here because my OTP has a big age gap and I wanted to know, this is my opinion so please don't be mean about it YES! He's twice your age, 14 years older than you, and that wouldn't be an issue, but you're A KID!!!Every1 is different there not all tha same, if u really care for him u would wait, instead of havin him get locked up for who knows how lonq bt its not worth it he may love u bt there is a sayn TRUE LOVE WAITS!

; he already lived his life .u have tha rest of urs too qo please, take my advice leave him alone nd if its meant too be than it will be wen u get older.its hard too let go bt its nt worth seein tha person u love get put behind bars.. its not worth it no matter how lonq u nd him been toqether no matter how much yall been thru, ITS NOT.

Detective Sergeant Paul Ford told Mail Online earlier this week that the police police department had been checking her activity on social media accounts to see who she had been talking to and whether she had planned to meet anyone.

I'll stick my neck out, and say that Yes, it's wrong. Now when im back home, he is the person I miss the most in my life, but I understand this could not last, and I hope he will never forget or regret about me.

All because it's illegal does not mean that it's wrong.

But still I don't think people should be judge- mental about anyone's love life.

he could be my father biologically, but if he was a father at 14 we would have a bigger problem then when he kisses a 14 year old girl when he is 28. there a so many people who've had an affair with a older person.